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Because we know how important is to work and live in an healthy environment.

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We provide various forms of preventive and corrective cleaning services for various companies and individuals on short or long-term basis.

JSL Crystaline Services performs regular or one-off general cleaning services on contract arrangements. This covers cleaning of common areas (offices, conference rooms, halls, living rooms), toilets and baths, kitchens, vehicle parks, gardens, roads, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, specialized cleaning amongst others. Our team of well trained cleaners will handle your home or work environment (estates, warehouse, high-rise buildings, schools, healthcare facility, hotel, government offices and others) cleaning with utmost satisfaction. Apart from making your environment sparkling clean, we ensure you don't have to worry about the safety of your space. We also ensure zero tolerance to theft, no damage to your equipment, no abuse of occupants and 100% adherence to agreed customer’s terms of engagement. We achieve these through thorough staff selection processes, adequate supervision, control of workforce and open relationship with clients and law enforcers.

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We specialize in detailed office cleaning using well behaved, cultured and trained personnel with effective operational and health & safety procedures.

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We ensure that your building and their services are always in the best conditions to serve you. This we achieve by placing our qualified team of technicians on alert to attend timely to your facility needs.
We take care of your facilities to help you focus on your organization short and long term goals



Expertise in detailed post-construction and post-renovation cleaning services. Our scope of work includes stain removals, comprehensive window cleaning, comprehensive floor scrubbing and polishing, etc.clients may have.

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Specialists in the upkeep of hotels, guest houses, apartments, and industrial units.

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We carry out detailed preventive and corrective carpet and upholstery cleaning services for your home and office.


We carry out professional cleaning, polishing and treatment of various types of hard floors including vitrified tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo and parquet floors.

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Our complete landscaping maintenance services, which are available to homeowners, businesses, and organizations include the following: Mowing, fertilizing, bed care, mulching, trimming, pruning, irrigation maintenance, lawn aeration, over-seeding, leaf removal and planting.
We achieve our landscape goals by working closely with our client to determine what soothes them most. We appeal to your sense of nature by making your environment lively with choice plants both indoor and outdoor. Remember, good gardens give you a refreshing and healthy environment to live in. Plants play a major role in achieving a healthy environment especially clean air. At JSL Crystaline Services, we have what it takes for you to have one.

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The need of regular disinfection cannot be argued especially today in the context of Covid-19. At JSL Crystaline Services, We offer a range of disinfection solutions: 

​- Steam Disinfection (immediate reentry)

-  Chemical Mix 

- Steam Disinfection (medical grade with 24h reentry period)

- Fumigation 

Our immediate reentry solutions allows you to quickly and effectively disinfect your space and make it available for use almost immediately after treatment. This is safely handled by our trained staff and result is 99.9% elimination of germs.

The delayed reentry solutions require you to stay away from treated areas for a space of time from between 24 to 48hours. Here, we use chemical combinations that require time to interact with germs and diffuse off your space after application.

Which ever is solutions you choose, we assure you of an effectively disinfected environment.

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JSL Crystaline Services takes care of rodents, roaches, snakes, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, ants, flies, spiders, wall geckos and bats. We have well trained fumigators who ensure pests in your locations are tackled from source to surface. We use environmental friendly chemicals to achieve our fumigation goals.

We deliver your fumigation and pest control in three stages namely:

Site Assessment: here we assess and evaluate your unique need as per cause and source of pest, nature of environment, special needs etc. Our method of delivery is determined by the outcome of this assessment. We issue a site assessment report on demand.

Treatment: we eliminate troubling pests professionally, with equipment and environmental friendly solutions. We practice thorough damage control to your devices in our operations at all times.

Post Treatment Care: we revisit your location on selected periodic schedules to ascertain the extent of correction achieved and further needs for care.

Trash and waste types to help reduce env


We are developing a national footprint by rendering on-site recycling and reclamation services with latest technologies. We are providing our clients with rest of mind on waste removal and disposal by the provision of best professional and quality service

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Rolled Towels


1. Air Freshener
2. Deodorant-block for urinals
3. Anti Bacterial Liquid Soap
4. Toilet rolls, Towels and Paper napkins
5. Soap Dispensers of all kinds
6. Disinfectants

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