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Our staff is provided with continuous on -the - job training. Health & Safety Orientation Guide for our employers.

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What is environmental awareness training?

Environmental awareness training course highlights how employees’ activities, the materials or products they use and create, can harm the environment. It is designed to promote more sustainable environmental practices within the workplace.

JSL Crystaline Services offers Environmental awareness training to workers. This is facilitated by our accredited trainers and it is tailored to your workplace need. 

We develop and train our staff to complete us, to give our clients excellent service delivery. We ensure effective supervision and customers’ satisfaction through the following:

  •  Brainstorming sessions where we compare experiences at different fields and find solutions as a team.

  • Ensuring that customers complaint are taken care of quickly

  • Transfer of high performing managers from their locations to share their success experience with other managers and ensure uniformity in excellent performance.

  • Continuous improvement on our best achievements.

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Clients may benefit from the following value added services aimed at creating value positive impacts on our clients profit and loss account, thus ensuring favorable win-win solution.

1. Competitive Rates.

2. Single Person Contract.

3. Observation of environmental & HSE policies and staff training.

4. Professionalism.

5. Staff Training/ Re-training.

6. Customer Satisfaction guaranteed.

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